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Comprehensive HL7 Training-, Whatsapp @ 9966933693

2 days training, followed by online training.@ Hyderabad by Dr Guptha- Certified HL7 Control Specialist.

Excellent opportunity to upgrade your skills. DONT miss. If you are unable to attend the class, you can take online training.

This is a good opportunity for the Medical Coders as coders has the complete revenue cycle knowledge.

Detailed Learning Objectives

Students will understand the structure of the HL7 version 2.7 messaging standard, focusing on orders, arrival and status information exchange and results.

Training Material

Includes All material with 300 HL7 Sample Questions for HL7 Certification Exam.

Contents & Schedule

Module 1:

· Introduction of the HL7 version 2 standard

· Versioning and compatibility

· Message Structure, segments, trigger events

· Arrival messages

Module 2:

· Message definitions

· Common data types

· Message parsing (exercises)

· Formatting, Several Examples

· Sending Rules

· Z-segments, Write Your Own

Module 3:

· Patient Updates

· Order messages

· Acknowledgements

· Trigger Events, Message Types, Segments, Fields

· Patient Registration, Orders and Results using a Practical Scenario

· Patient Registration Details

Module 4:

· Query messages

· Results (reports)

· Conformance and testing

· Acknowledgement Rules

· Observational Reporting and Order Entry

· General Order Message Details

· Observation Message Details

· Codes, References and Encapsulated Data

Please make note that HL7 training offered by Medesun is NOT recognized by HL7.org. Training is offered by Dr Santosh Guptha, Certified HL7 Specialist to help the professionals in HL7 implementation.

Will teach you how clinical workflow translates to dataflow, and how applications use the HL7 language to move information properly from one system to another. You'll gain the ability to read and troubleshoot HL7 interface data messages-including how to use the HL7 standards and external coding systems to properly populate and look up data codes.

Fees: 24,500 INR.

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