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In terms of gameplay: tremendously. In terms of starting out and getting a feel for RuneScape for a couple weeks, and with some fun: not in all. Definitely try f2p out on both the matches and see what is up. In both RS3 and osrs there are several months of content that is starter. I'd recommend to work throughout the quests. The runescape wiki contains guides.

It's a fantastic time to research and get used to RuneScape. So far as osrs and to a lesser degree RS3, it is a fantastic time to train some fundamental skills, stick about lumby and find some woodcutting levels on reg, oak, willow burning them afterwards. 50 firemaking is needed for wintertodt. Better Axes can be purchased in lumbridge at Bob's axes. There are several members quests which will speed up early levels exponentially like waterfall quest. They're pog, if RS3 perform the daily challenges. Unlock lobestones or get mage levels for teleports in osrs. I would advise staying f2p for a week or two (depending how much you play) or until you start becoming locked behind content. No point getting membership immediately since most of the ancient game is material anyways.

My information: OSRS if you merely want a huge GrindScape, however, RS3 is more multifaceted and offers more options for individuals attempting to play RS whilst also having jobs and lives. Afking and semi-afking is much more common and adaptable in RS3 for if you can't necessarily devote undivided attention to RS, and there is also a ton of fun activities for if you want to be engaged. I have not played into deep-game articles in OSRS, but this is from my experience with this I do have, it's complete attention-demanding grindiness that drove me back to RS3, and on advice and descriptions I've seen from other people as well.

So you don't have to buy both, A membership fee pays for a profile for both games. After about 10 hours on the two matches you are going to have a sense of which game you would like and you can move from there.

I have played games alot, I'm ex comp on RS3 (not been comp since 120 slayer upgrade ), I then shifted to OSRS as I got tired on RS3, there wasn't too much for me to do after comp without getting very burnt out for trim etc. Now I am now trying to max my OSRS account and just started a HCIM OSRS on both sides and actually enjoy it, OSRS feels much more rewarding to me without the MTX and DXP weekends (months now it seems!). However, the two games are good for various reasons. RS3 is much more engaging and contains more fun pvm content and combat platform - better for brand new players, and OSRS is a longer grind but feels more rewarding - and better for original/nostalgic gamers.

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