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In order to do blood tests, a Gdax lab’s technician called a phlebotomist will use a needle to take a sample of your blood. Also, you can tell the technician if the sight of needles makes you nervous then they will help you feel more at ease.

In the Gdax login laboratory, you can also look away during the procedure, and bring a family member or friend to help distract you. In most cases, the blood sample is taken by a technician from a vein in your arm.

Also, you may be asked to make a fist during taking a sample. The technician will tie a rubber band around your arm so that blood samples are taken easily without any difficulty.

So thus once the technician takes enough blood then he will take the needle out and put an adhesive bandage over the site. Now you can also ask a technician to press firmly on the site to stop any bleeding. For more info or any detail visit the site.

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