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Addanki, andhra-pradesh
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Addanki, andhra-pradesh

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Downvote me to hell if you would like but you have to realize this is never gonna work. There's 60,000 members in less and this sub which are active. They sell millions of copies of this game every year and they are gonna double up with all the new consoles. You may attempt to get as many people to boycott because you need but you will never affect their bottom line and several people don't have any problem with this game because they buy it to have fun and perform occasionally. Perhaps if people stopped putting madden on a base and just took it for what it is supposed to be this sub wouldn't be full of nonstop negativity.

If everyone went NMS, that could force EA to change how they do things! As much as I would really like to see this occur, people are overly obsessed with using a competitive edge (particularly early in the MUT season) to not invest money should they have it. Gotta pull that Tyreek Hill foundation elite! I began at Christmas without paying a cent and I had a 97 OVR Team. I sold it all and today I have a motif team that was Falcons. I've kinda stopped playing but I could have a 98 team with the right of no GT now and nothing has been spent by me.

This comes up every year and if each of the men and women who were ready to boycott didn't buy the game EA would not even notice the difference. They make 400+ mil a year. They'd shed like Madden 20 mil at most off earnings to a boycott. The people are not the individuals who invest thousands on MUT packs every year. This was the earliest I have seen them give up on a madden year and that I thought last year was bad.

Look, I seriously hope they improve the game for the community, however I refuse to give another cent to EA. In reality, my family like my brother, my son and three nephews have decided to boycott EA and out of what nephews and my son explained they have friends who are doing the same. Hopefully, more people follow suit b/c the way EA will alter if we hit on them we're it hurts their ways is, the profit margin.You can follow the progression of your players when PUs came out it thought it was cool and anybody could have. Remember when high value card would come out and most people would have to take fact or wait till game. Now a days; nothing is unique. I wish it'd go back to chems on players. You needed to make compromise and concessions to deserve the chem boost. You had to tweak your own team 8 times to finish.

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